Upon entering the 25th season of my professional homebuilding career, I am venturing out and embarking upon a uniquely specialized and unchartered course. The way I see things, my entire body of work has led me 100% toward this quest. A journey of two separate evolving worlds where the old has passed away and a new horizon lays ahead for each. Connecting these worlds in splendid ways. So, how would you place a description upon what I do? It is nothing shy of a collection of well-integrated offerings. A unified assemblage where each not only establishes the foundation of the other, but also, is vitally significant in the sustainability of their combined futures. One being in the project management of increasingly intricate custom homes and the other being in the ongoing estate management of such magnificent places.


Blackbird Enterprises, LLC:
“Construction Management at it’s Finest”.

3 separate, yet, related paths.

– Independent Homebuilding Operation:

This service is typically arranged where we provide full-service, autonomous project management support in the role of building out an entire community or a collection of scattered site custom homes.

– Contract Project Management:

Pure freelance project management support working either for a homebuilding entity on a project by project basis or directly to the client themselves.

– Client Agent:

This is perhaps my favorite service on the building side of things. Why? Because, basically this is where I can take a third-party approach and apply my talents to serve as a liaison directly to the client ushering them through every step of the project.

  • Provide independent targeted approaches to resolve problems on behalf of the client.
  • Present consistent unbiased reporting on the status of the project.
  • Lead the client through the selection process.
  • Offer technical support surrounding construction concerns.
  • Administer project schedule oversight.
  • Contribute to the invoice review process.


Thrive Partners, LLC.
“Estate Management for a Life Well Lived”.

Thrive was started to transform the Estate Management Industry. An industry which is out of date and disconnected. To do this, we’ve compiled a team of exceptional project managers, builders, property managers, financial advisers and hospitality managers that will bring a modern-day approach with sophisticated management styles. We work closely with only the highest caliber trade contractors. One’s who we’ve established a long-standing working relationship with and who fully recognize that your properties are near and dear to your heart. The collection of services that we offer are:

  • Placement of full-time personal service personnel: (ie. estate manager, groundskeepers, personal assistants, private chefs, nutritionists, etc.)
  • Tailored membership programs: An assigned territory manager oversees either your primary residence or vacation property on a weekly basis.
  • Concierge Services: Taking care of routine tasks on behalf of the client. (examples could include making reservations / vacation plans, replacing supplies for a residence, having boats / jets skis serviced while the homeowners are away, etc).
  • Contract Services: Oversight of routine work that needs to be performed on a residence. (examples would include maintenance to a property while you are away such as HVAC replacement or dock restoration, etc).

It is our goal to provide the highest level of service and stewardship for our client’s property allowing them the free time to pursue those endeavors that have made them successful and lead to the joys of their life.


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